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Our Motto

Bringing Art, Business and Community together

Our Mandate

The Ferry Building Gallery enlivens, enriches, engages, informs and educates the public by presenting a diversity of stimulating and quality juried exhibits and displays which maintain a standard of excellence.

The mandate of the Gallery is to support the development of emerging and established North Shore, Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast artists, and present art lectures, tours and programs which reflect the cultural diversity of the North Shore community and provide a range of enriching experiences


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Gallery interior  

The Gallery

Located in West Vancouver's first heritage building, the Gallery presents up to 18 exhibitions annually to over 500 visitors each week. With its neighbouring pier, beach and sidewalk attractions, it is truly the center of the Ambleside Landing area as well as a hub for arts and culture in West Vancouver.

The Gallery is a public community gallery operated by the District of West Vancouver under the Parks, Culture and Community Services department. To support annual programs and services, the gallery is funded by the District of West Vancouver, earns commissions on art sales, is supported by sponsorships from local organizations and merchants, and receives donations from generous patrons.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of volunteers representing the arts, business, legal and media sectors of the community.


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Ferry Building Gallery
1414 Argyle Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
Gallery Hours
Tues - Sun: 11AM - 5PM
Closed Mondays
Tel 604-925-7290