Art in the Hall

 West Vancouver Municipal HallMonica Gewurz
West Vancouver Municipal Hall - Lower Atrium
750 - 17th Street, West Vancouver

Paintings by Monica Gewurz

May 23 - July 23 2018

The Ferry Building Gallery is pleased to present Earth, Air, Fire and Water, an exhibition showcasing the mixed media works of Monica Gewurz at Art in the Hall, West Vancouver Municipal Hall, 750 - 17th St, West Vancouver, in the Lower Atrium.

The exhibition is free. Hours of viewing are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday


"I am a mixed media artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. My studio is located amidst the rainforest with an ocean vista, I am surrounded by the subtleties of changing skies and rhythms of the ocean. Hikes into the local mountains, forests and beaches within Vancouver’s coast mainly inspire my abstract work.

Drawing on my background in science, I create evocative paintings inspired by the patterns, lines and shapes, found in nature, and archeological sites. My paintings give the impression of imagery viewed from the vastness of space or through the lens of a microscope.

Texture and light are two main elements I incorporate into my work, blurring the line between painting and sculpture, inviting the viewer to touch them. I apply multiple layers of coloured gel mediums, mixed with textural elements which include both natural and man-made, each partially revealed to create a 3D effect. Abstraction allows me the freedom to change what I see and feel into my own expression. The artistic process is, for me, one of constant discovery and conversation – the painting speaks to me, telling me what it needs, and I respond.

The abstraction of the constant changing of shapes colours and patterns of light in the reflected water and changing skies during sunsets and sunsets mesmerizes me and are a source of my inspiration. I am fascinated with the contrasting nature of the organic and how that can provide an escape to a dream-like place. They are ethereal landscapes and forms of the mind, not of a place, but rather, a state of being. Working with texture and layers in my mixed media paintings gives me an opportunity to express nature in an abstract way, to encourage the viewer to be moved by its beauty, and to create a mood that will seduce the eye and inspire the spirit.
I am currently represented by Ukama Gallery in Vancouver, The Kube Gallery, International Artists and the Gallery at Mattick’s Farm in Victoria. My paintings have been exhibited at numerous galleries in BC’s Lower Mainland, including Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery Granville Island; Ferry Building Gallery West Vancouver, and Seymour Art Gallery North Vancouver. My work is in private collections the US, Mexico, Australia, Japan, UK, New Zealand, Peru, China and Europe."

Instagram: @mgdesignsca
Facebook: @monicagewurzart


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