City in Flux

Lions Gate Bridge Development_Carolina de la Cajiga

City in Flux: Work in Progress

Photography by Carolina de la Cajiga

April 10–29

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 10, 6–8 p.m.

Meet the Artist: Saturday, April 14, 2–3 p.m.

Special Event: Panel Discussion: Sunday, April 15, 2–4 p.m.

Carolina de la CajigaWall Centre Towers over English Bay_Carolina de la Cajiga

Top left: Lions Gate Bridge Development; bottom left: Cypress Bowl development; bottom right: Wall Centre Twin Towers Over English Bay. Images courtesy of Carolina de la Cajiga.


"At times it feels that when you turn around a new high-rise has sprung up replacing something that often you don’t recall what it was…As cranes languidly turn right and left performing a ballet up in the sky, our landscape shifts, sometimes times gently, sometimes ferociously.

The expected growth of our city makes for a carefully orchestrated project as the available land is limited by nature - water and mountains are our fixed boundaries. While the issue has serious repercussions affecting everybody now living in the city and those who will eventually move in or wish they could, I approach this subject whimsically. I am free to do what architects and developers can only dream about. I bend engineering protocols and planners’ minds, to construct new urban environments - reality transformed to produce different or implausible spaces. Photography and imagination allow me to move buildings to new settings, to reshape, reduce or enlarge them. In these times when real estate prices are hitting the sky, I’m multiplying the land available. Through illusion, I bring the matter to the fore.

In the same way, as houses seem to evaporate, workers appear and disappear from our view and mind, even in their neon uniforms. They are so easy to forget...We live in a City in Flux…

My work is based on photography plus digital painting and illusion. As with all my artwork, what you see is not what is but what my imagination sees…"

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