Interwoven Nature

 Cheryl MasseyCedar Bags by Cheryl Massey

Interwoven Nature - Basketry by Cheryl Massey

August 21 - September 9, 2018

Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 21, 6–8 p.m.

Meet the Artist: Saturday, September 8, 2–3 p.m.

 Gathering Tule RushCedar placemats & coiled kelp basket

Artist Bio:

A venture into the Northern Gulf Islands led to Cheryl discovering her passion for weaving as she sat on a beach to create her first bird-nest-like basket from the grass surrounding her. Under the teachings of established B.C. weavers, Cheryl transformed her inquisitive explorations into an art form. She continues to draw from Mother Nature for her materials every time she scours B.C.'s beaches for bull kelp, gathering tule rush from local lakes and red cedar bark from the forest.

The results of her adventures are hats, carrying bags and bread baskets that combine artistry with practicality. Other baskets, most notably her signature, spiral-woven kelp basket, demand more of a showcased spot light. Recently she has turned her weaving talents to large woven wall hangings and place mats.

Much of Cheryl's work is influenced by the First Nations traditions of weaving, particularly her cedar bark baskets. Weaving with the materials she has gathered are the results of intricate colours and textures woven into her work that distinguishes itself as uniquely West Coast.

Artist Statement:

"Transforming wild crafted materials into woven functional and non-functional baskets passionately fulfills my creative expression. When peeling bark from a cedar tree or pulling tule rush from a lake, I feel a deep connection with our ancestors of the past. The world has evolved into a fast, high-tech place, but basketry has remained constant since the beginning of time. Basketry enables me to understand the importance of being connected with our natural world and environment."



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