Out of Studio

Out of Studio 
   April 1 - 13, 2014

   photo montage by Torrie Groening







For the "Out of Studio" series, Torrie photographed staged artist's studios in temporary locations while working outside of her Vancouver studio. This invitational exhibition represents this project-in-progress.

The photo shoots provide the starting point for a digital collage that often utilizes the artist's drawings and paintings. Groening's long involvement in printmaking has informed her current studio practice, resulting in a hybrid artwork that allows her to create both highly technical and traditional artworks.

The "Out of Studio" works have been staged in hotels, borrowed studios, a trailer court, shorelines, museums, restaurants and print studios.

Included in the exhibition are two complex large scale works staged in-studio and then assembled with over 100 photographs and scans.

Torrie Groening in the studio

Torrie Groening is a multi-passionate print enthusiast whose involvement over 25 years of printmaking has included roles as artist, master printer, teacher, gallerist and collector of works on paper. Returning to Vancouver after a decidedly digital decade in California, this purist printmaker has become a master of mixing media. Combining traditional printmaking and photography with digital technology, Groening creates complex photo-based collages.

In her current work she layers altered photographs of drawings, prints, objects, and landscapes to create incongruous yet familiar trompe l’oeil images. Her prints are represented in museum and public collections across Canada and the USA.

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